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suber-water pumps

Split case pumps

Vertical long shaft pump

Model FYL vertical long shaft pump series adopts submerged blade wheel and vertical installation structure. It has merits of compact structure, stable running, …

Corrosive vertical submerged pump

FY series corrosive vertical submerged pump is one of single-stage single-suction long-shaft submerged centrifugal pumps. Its marks, performance …

High-temperature vitriol pump

LSB series high-temperature vitriol pump is Select pump excellent water power model, whose performance stable, high efficiency, saving power …

Anti-corrosion submerged pump

Model FYS anti-corrosion submerged pump is made with fluoroplastics like FEP and PVDF, which give it unique process, excellent performance …

NSY/LHY Series High Temperature Vitriol Pump

To adapt to the demand of technical development of sulfuric acid, our company, together with Metal Research Institute of China Academy of Sciences …

YWF/YWFA series clear submered pump

Digesting and absorbing the technologies of introduced equipment, model YWF series engineering plastic clear liquid submerged pump and model YWFA series …

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